Travel-related publications of group members

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Dr. Steven Muir

Travel and Change in Luke-Acts,” a short article for a new Society of Biblical Literature-hosted online resource, Bible Odyssey

“Medicine and Disease,” (Chapter 4), with Laurence Totelin, in A Cultural History of Women Volume 1: 500 BCE-1000 CE.  Janet Tulloch, ed.  Bloomsbury Academic.  2013: 81-104.

“Religion on the Road in Ancient Greece and Rome”. In Travel and Religion in Antiquity, Philip A. Harland, ed. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier Press.  2011:170-186.


Dr. Marco LoVerso

“Titans in the Lagoon,” Salon.II (23 July 2014). Web.

“The Real Venice: Songs of Protest and Five-Star Hotels,” Salon.II (24 June 2014). Web.

“Arancine,” Italian Canadians at Table. Toronto: Guernica, 2013: 180-184. Print.

“Civil Life on the Canals,” Accenti 24 (Winter 2012): 10-13. Print.   Also Web. 

“Can Moses Save Venice?” The Centennial Reader (Summer 2012).  Web.

“Back to Palermo,” Descant,” #154, vol. 42, #3 (Fall 2011): 104-113. Print.

“Guns in the Family,” More Sweet Lemons, edited by Venera Fazio and Delia De Santis.  New York: Legas, 2010: 240-246. Print.

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