Procedures and guidelines

Concordia University of Edmonton encourages and contributes financially to professional development activities for permanent stream faculty members and non-faculty staff through the annual allocation of funds to a Professional Development Account held at the institutional level. 

The Professional Development Account is allocated primarily on the basis of salaried (permanent and term) employees as follows. 

For faculty (advanced study/conferences) 

$ 1250.00 annually 

For faculty (on sabbatical) 

$ 2500.00 annually 

For academic staff officer 

(i.e. lab instructors, practicum and/or field experience coordinators) 

$ 1000.00 annually 

For academic (non-faculty) 

support staff employees 

$ 750.00 annually 

For part-time employees 

Proportionate to his/her appointment 

Full guidelines relating to the Professional Development Account may be found here.

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