Trauma, Failure and Deception: the Path of Foreign Women in Metropolitan France (18th-20th century). Presentation

Trauma, Failure and Deception: the Path of Foreign Women in Metropolitan France (18th-20th century). Presentation

By mzeuch on February 17, 2017

The Interdisciplinary Research Clusters on Travel and on Focus on Women will co-host a presentation and all are invited:

Wednesday, March 8, 12-1:00 pm.  HA 343.  “Trauma, Failure and Deception: the Path of Foreign Women in Metropolitan France (18th-20th century)”  Dr. Joanna Merkel, Assistant Professor of French, CUE.

Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding: Research Cluster on Travel Presentation

By mzeuch on February 16, 2017

Re-orienting Travel

The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Travel invites:

Thursday March 2.  12:30-1:30 room T105. "Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding."  Dr. Leilei Chen. 

The book Re-Orienting China: Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding features two Canadian and four American travel writers examining post-1949 China.  Re-Orienting China: Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding contributes to the study of travel literature by going beyond the genre’s imperialist implications. Chen’s extensive archival research on travel narratives about contemporary China leads her to examine those works that have not yet caught adequate scholarly attention. With a close reading of Jan Wong, Jock T. Wilson, Peter Hessler, Leslie T. Chang, Hill Gates, and Yi-Fu Tuan, her book addresses the urgency of understanding travel writing as a genre of cultural translation and of transformation that results from interacting with Chinese otherness. In addition to the moments of separation the genre conventionally represents in various forms between home and abroad, and between self and other; the book looks for connections and commonalities the travellers envisioned in the foreign country. It shows that cultural difference does not simply separate the self from the other. Despite its nature as a barrier, difference may engender a genuine interest in the other and may catalyse a rediscovery of the self in relation to the other and, possibly, meaningful exchanges between China and the travellers’ home countries. In the context of today’s globalized world where communication across ethnic and cultural borders becomes a daily necessity, Chen’s book imagines the hope of a productive communication with otherness and the possibility of an equilibrium relationship across borders

Dr. Leilei Chen teaches English literature and Writing Studies courses at the University of Alberta and MacEwan University. She worked at the Writing Centre and taught both junior and senior English courses at Concordia University of Edmonton from 2013 to 2015. She writes nonfiction and has published in the fields of travel writing studies, Canadian literature, Asian American literature, and Victorian literature. Her Chinese translation of Steven Grosby's Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press) is coming out from China’s Yilin Press (南京译林出版社). She was a professor of English at Jinan University, Guangzhou, before moving to Canada

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“If God is Real, Why Doesn’t He Show Himself to Me?” Dr. Travis Dumsday presenting in the US

By mzeuch on February 16, 2017

Divine Hiddenness Workshop-1

Dr. Travis Dumsday, Assistant Professor – Philosophy and Canada Research Chair in Theology and the Philosophy of Science, has been invited to two events at Oklahoma State University. 

He will present on the matter of "Could a Neoplatonic Conception of Transcendence Help with the Problem of Divine Hiddenness?", and "If God is Real, Why Doesn't He Show Himself to Me?".

Please check out the posters here.

Divine Hiddenness 3 day event-1


Reminder for Today: Indoor Air Quality and Your Health (Research Cluster on Wellness)

By mzeuch on February 15, 2017


TODAY: The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Wellness invites: 

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health. Prof. Nelson Fok.
February 15, 4:00 pm, G303


Prof. Nelson Fok is the Assistant Director and Adjunct Professor of Public Health at Concordia University of Edmonton, teaching courses on risk assessment, waste management and water quality. He is also an advisor to the National Collaboration Center for Environmental Health, on their evidence-base review documents. Until recently, he was the Provincial Manager, Scientific Advisory Team for Environmental Public Health at Alberta Health Services in Edmonton. He is a certified Public Health Inspector, and received his Master of Science degree from the Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta.


Edmonton and Alberta have overall very good ambient air quality, but this does not mean we are always breathing in clean air. We spend more than 85% of our time indoors, and indoor pollutants can come in many shapes and forms. This presentation will provide a quick review of common indoor air pollutants, from the use of candles to humidifiers, from the type of vacuum cleaners you should use, to how to control dust mites and other pest allergens in the home setting. Should you get your furnace air ducts cleaned every year or upgrade your furnace filter? This presentation will summarize research findings on all these issues. Know the facts on indoor air quality before you buy an air cleaner.

Dr. Hemmerling Invited as a Visiting Internal Scientist by the Institute for Systems Biology

By mzeuch on February 13, 2017

DEB - Institute for Systems Biology

Dr. Deborah Hemmerling, Professor, Chair, Biological & Environmental Science, has been invited by the Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA, to be a Visiting Internal Scientist participating in a DTRA-funded project aimed at identifying host-based predictive markers of surgery-related sepsis. Dr. Hemmerling's extensive knowledge of immunology and host response to pathogens will contribute to the success of the project, which uses a systems biology approach to address a critical clinical issue.

Erinn Jacula Presents Research on Wellness at ‘Shaping the Future’ Conference

By mzeuch on February 7, 2017

CUE Research - Erinn Jacula

Research Update
Erinn Jacula Presents Research on Wellness at ‘Shaping the Future’ Conference


Erinn Jacula (Lead: CUE School of Physical Education & Wellness) participated in the 8th Annual ‘Shaping the Future’ Conference (Ever Active Schools) in Kananaskis, AB from January 26-28, 2017. In addition to attending a number of exceptional presentations, Erinn presented a research poster titled, “An Examination of Pedometer Use and Physical Activity Levels of Faculty, Staff, and Students in a Canadian University” (Research Team: Dr. Brent Bradford, Erinn Jacula, Dr. Adam Howorko, Dr. Jason Daniels, Shaelyn Hunt, Nicole Correia).

The conference was an excellent opportunity to disseminate the study’s findings with school teachers, administrators, and academics from across Canada. Erinn noted that the presentation helped create several quality questions and ideas for further research which will be carried out in partnership with CUE’s Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Wellness. 

Presentation: The Virtues of Intention-Driven Ethics (Institute for Christian Studies and Society)

By mzeuch on February 6, 2017


The Concordia Institute for Christian Studies and Society (ICSS) invites:

February 10,   4:00-5:00 in  T 104 

The Virtues of Intention-Driven Ethics. Dr. Jorge L.A. Garcia

Jorge L.A. Garcia is currently Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, and has held professorships at the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, and Rutgers University.  He is a past Fellow at Harvard University's DuBois Institute for African-American Research and a past president of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.

Presentation: Portuguese Punk Girls and Youth Resistance (Research Cluster Focus on Women)

By mzeuch on January 30, 2017


The Focus on Women Research Cluster

Warmly welcomes everyone to attend a presentation on:


Portuguese Punk Girls and Youth Resistance 

Wed., Feb. 1, 2017

12-1:00 pm

Room HA 207

A presentation given by:

Dr. Paula Guerra,

 Guest Professor from the partner

University of Porto in Portugal

Presentation: Cultures of Youth Resistance in Portugal: Gender and Difference


Abstract: The emergence of youth culture in Portugal was late. It happened in the late sixties of the twentieth century, following the political, economic and social change that had its epicenter in the Carnation Revolution in 1974 and that removed Portugal from the dictatorship. Only after this milestone, we can properly speak of youth cultures. Youth cultures are here, as they were for the CCCS, different ways of being young, as young people do not live or experience the same things similarly. Each has its own individual route which varies depending on the specifics of daily life path, with the crossroads they face and which are directly related to the family, class and social background, and even with different maps of cultural, musical and aesthetic significance that each ascribes to himself. In the constitution of the plural universe of youth culture, punk is of particular significance because it was also a symbol of openness, cosmopolitanism, modernity and aesthetic, cultural and social disruption in Portuguese society. Furthermore, if we focus on punk girls, we think through them we can detail more precisely the specificities of Portuguese youth cultures. Through an approach of life stories of 10 women in the early days of Portuguese punk, we try to give an adequate development of these specificities accentuated by gender differences, showing similarities and distances in relation to the work of the CCCS, providing a critical rereading of its main contributions.


Dr. Paula Guerra

Dr. Paula Guerra

Concordia University of Edmonton – Building Bridges

Let’s Hit the Math Trails. Publication by Profs. Bradford and Watt

By mzeuch on January 24, 2017

Let's Hit the Math Trails

Dr. Brent Bradford, Education, co-authored an article with sessional instructor in Education Carrie Watt, published in the Canadian Teacher Magazine:

Access to the article online: Let's Hit the Maths Trails!

Access to the article magazine format, pp. 14-15: Let's Hit the Maths Trails!

Chinese Researcher Delegation from Guangzhou on Campus

By mzeuch on January 20, 2017

The International and Research Office and the Centre for Chinese Studies welcomed today a delegation of researchers and administrators from Guangzhou Institute of Educacional Research, from the city of Guangzhou, province of Guangdong, China. We discussed research activities in both jurisdicions as well as possible student recruitment from China, professional development for Chinese teachers k-12 and research collaboration.


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