Theology of Heavy Metal

Theology of Heavy Metal

By mzeuch on March 21, 2017

David Ellefson

Check out the media buzz pointing to Concordia on Theology of Heavy Metal, with David Ellefson of Megadeth.

An event recently organized by the Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith:

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C. S. Lewis Presentation: From Atheism to Christianity

By Lainna on March 20, 2017

The Institute of Christian Studies and Society presents “C. S. Lewis: From Atheism to Christianity” on March 27th from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in T104. Dr. Joel Heck of Concordia Lutheran Seminary will discuss how C.S. Lewis, British author of the Chronicles of Narnia, became an atheist, as well as how and why he came back to Christianity, and what he subsequently thought about atheism based on his own atheism as well as that of others.

Dr. Heck’s focus will be on the years 1916 to 1931 in Lewis’ life and his fifteen-year journey to the Christian faith as well as the lessons we can all learn from his journey. The story of Lewis’ return to Christianity is largely biographical, examining his atheistic years in more detail than has previously been done in any biography of Lewis, using God’s four “chess moves” as the broad outline. 


Research Forum 2017 Update

By mzeuch on March 17, 2017

Dear Concordia students, faculty and staff,

Our second annual Research Forum 2017 (formerly Research Fair) will be held on April 12, 2017 in Robert Tegler Student Centre, beginning at 1:30 pm. Coordination of the event is now under the leadership of Research Officer, Lainna ElJabi. Please feel free to send any correspondence regarding the event (posters, abstracts, photos, invitations to external constituencies, etc.) to her at More details will be forthcoming in the next days.

Tom Corcoran will offer another photo session on Wednesday, March 22 between noon and 3pm in room S204 for the Research Forum 2017 booklet.

This event will bring together students, faculty and members of the research community to share insights and knowledge. Please join us on April 12th to discover and explore the innovative research being conducted at Concordia in so many exciting areas.

Welcome to our new Research Officer on campus

By mzeuch on March 14, 2017

The Research Office and Concordia Community are pleased to welcome on campus, as of yesterday, our new Research Officer Ms. Lainna ElJabi. Lainna is a research administration professional specializing in obtaining grant funding that supports university research, student research training and knowledge mobilization.

Lainna can assist researchers to navigate the grant application process, identify appropriate funding opportunities, and to grow their research programs through partnerships and collaborations. Lainna is a dedicated facilitator with a focus on developing resources and strategies to increase access to Tri-Council opportunities and external research funding opportunities at Concordia University of Edmonton

Prior to joining CUE, Lainna worked in research administration at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Arts supporting Social Science and Humanities researchers. As a Research Facilitator at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan she worked closely with researchers to produce many successful grant applications, including interdisciplinary partnership grants. Most recently at MacEwan University, she led the delivery of funding programs, reviewed policies related to grant management, and presented a suite of workshops designed to increase research grant application success rates, particularly across Tri-Agency competitions.

Lainna received her M.A. from Ryerson University in English Literature, specializing in Modernity and Poetics. She is active in the literary community in Edmonton and speaks English and Arabic.

Lainna fills in a newly designated position. 

Welcome to Concordia, Lainna!


Relational Patient Engagement: Learning from the ‘see me, hear me, heal me’ Project

By mzeuch on March 13, 2017

The Research Cluster on Wellness invites: Relational patient engagement: Learning from the ‘see me, hear me, heal me’ project. Wednesday March 15, G303, 4:00 pm.

Minn Yoon (PhD) is an assistant professor with the School of Dentistry at the University of Alberta since 2012. Her primary research focus is on improving oral health and care for vulnerable populations. She is principle lead on the study “see me, hear me, heal me”, which is a patient engagement project that aims to transform our understanding of head and neck cancer patient and family illness experiences. She is committed to utilizing her research to inform development of educational curricula and applications to enhance dental and dental hygiene student capacities to engage in holistic person-centred care, especially for vulnerable populations. 
Summary: “Imagine not being able to recognize yourself in the mirror” -see me. “Nobody asked about how it felt when I lost my voice” -hear me. “I will never be the same, even after dozens of surgeries and years of rehabilitation” -heal me. The interdisciplinary project ( is a patient engagement project founded on a triadic collaboration of health researchers, patients, and contemporary artists who are working to enhance public awareness and improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with head and neck cancer. The presentation will provide an overview of our process of engagement, what we as a team learned along the way, and share one of the outcomes of our collaborative engagement – a public contemporary art exhibition of FLUX: Responding to Experiences of Head and Neck Cancer.

Panel on Saint Augustine Tomorrow!

By mzeuch on March 13, 2017
The Research Cluster on Theology and the Sciences is promoting a panel discussion on the philosophy & theology of Saint Augustine, tomorrow, March 14, at 4:45 pm in HA 010. Our speakers are Dr. Sean Hannan: Unmindfulness: Augustine on How Not to Live in the Moment, and Dr. Michael Siebert: Pride and Platonism in Augustine’s Early Writings.


Reminder: Deadline for Submitting Research Abstracts March 10

By mzeuch on March 8, 2017

To all faculty and students,

A gentle reminder that our “Research Fair 2017” will happen on April 12, 2017, from 1:30 pm – 8:00 pm in Tegler and will be our second general (annual) research celebration. The academic leadership is looking for a better name of this celebration, which will be announced next week.

The deadline for sending in abstracts to Zuzana (see previous emails) is Friday March 10, 2017!  We will need from each researcher a max 250 words abstract of the research and its title. Please note: this is a hard deadline.  The date will not be moved again, in order to provide enough time to produce the booklet and appropriate materials in time for the “fair”. 

The pictures here show you the 2016 booklet. Both your photo and abstract will be published. Tom Corcoran in Marketing will be taking all photographs on March 13th, from noon to 3:00 pm in the Marketing office, room S204.  Please have your photo taken between the times stated.  There is no need to book an appointment.  

Please submit all information, questions and materials to Ms. Zuzana Schmidtova
We look very much forward to experience this big celebration of Concordia’s research!

Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding: Research Cluster on Travel Presentation

By mzeuch on March 1, 2017

Re-orienting Travel

The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Travel invites:

Thursday March 2.  12:30-1:30 room T105. “Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding.”  Dr. Leilei Chen. 

The book Re-Orienting China: Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding features two Canadian and four American travel writers examining post-1949 China.  Re-Orienting China: Travel Writing and Cross-cultural Understanding contributes to the study of travel literature by going beyond the genre’s imperialist implications. Chen’s extensive archival research on travel narratives about contemporary China leads her to examine those works that have not yet caught adequate scholarly attention. With a close reading of Jan Wong, Jock T. Wilson, Peter Hessler, Leslie T. Chang, Hill Gates, and Yi-Fu Tuan, her book addresses the urgency of understanding travel writing as a genre of cultural translation and of transformation that results from interacting with Chinese otherness. In addition to the moments of separation the genre conventionally represents in various forms between home and abroad, and between self and other; the book looks for connections and commonalities the travellers envisioned in the foreign country. It shows that cultural difference does not simply separate the self from the other. Despite its nature as a barrier, difference may engender a genuine interest in the other and may catalyse a rediscovery of the self in relation to the other and, possibly, meaningful exchanges between China and the travellers’ home countries. In the context of today’s globalized world where communication across ethnic and cultural borders becomes a daily necessity, Chen’s book imagines the hope of a productive communication with otherness and the possibility of an equilibrium relationship across borders

Dr. Leilei Chen teaches English literature and Writing Studies courses at the University of Alberta and MacEwan University. She worked at the Writing Centre and taught both junior and senior English courses at Concordia University of Edmonton from 2013 to 2015. She writes nonfiction and has published in the fields of travel writing studies, Canadian literature, Asian American literature, and Victorian literature. Her Chinese translation of Steven Grosby’s Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press) is coming out from China’s Yilin Press (南京译林出版社). She was a professor of English at Jinan University, Guangzhou, before moving to Canada

Concordia University of Edmonton – Building Bridges

CUE Professor Appointed to PHE Board for Alberta & Northwest Territories

By mzeuch on February 27, 2017

PHE Canada Welcomes New Board Member – Dr. Brent Bradford

Brent Bradford (Faculty of Education) has been appointed to the Physical & Health Education (PHE) Canada Board of Directors as the Alberta & Northwest Territories Representative. PHE Canada has been Canada’s premier professional organization for Physical and Health Educators for over 80 years. PHE Canada members are predominantly educators working in the school system, the administrators who support them, and the university professors engaged in pre-service teacher training and in research in Physical and Health Education.

PHE Canada Board of Directors:
Congratulations, Dr. Bradford!

Trauma, Failure and Deception: the Path of Foreign Women in Metropolitan France (18th-20th century). Presentation

By mzeuch on February 17, 2017

The Interdisciplinary Research Clusters on Travel and on Focus on Women will co-host a presentation and all are invited:

Wednesday, March 8, 12-1:00 pm.  HA 343.  “Trauma, Failure and Deception: the Path of Foreign Women in Metropolitan France (18th-20th century)”  Dr. Joanna Merkel, Assistant Professor of French, CUE.