Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) has a strong, focused vision to provide community based, real-world problem solving research.

CUE's Edmonton Institute for Community Research (EICR) functions as a coordinating hub for applied research focused primarily in the areas of social importance and community relevance.

The EICR works to empower innovation by promoting faculty applied research, encouraging student applied research and entrepreneurship, facilitating university-community collaboration, and enabling community enrichment through outreach activities.

CUE has nationally and internationally recognized faculty who conduct research with a focus driven by industry and community needs.  The EICR exists to promote applied research focused in the areas of natural sciences and liberal arts including the main research themes of Personal Development and Wellness, Environment and Biotechnology, Culture and Identity, Information Technology and Materials, and Social and Economic Systems.

The EICR also functions to assist in the "business process requirements" of applied research allowing faculty to focus on the research itself, thereby creating a team approach in developing applied research opportunities and community collaboration.

The EICR can provide assistance to faculty and students in any of the following areas:

  • Identifying potential community partners
  • Developing project collaborations
  • Guiding project scope and budget creation
  • Providing project contract negotiation
  • Identifying potential project funding sources
  • Providing project management assistance
  • Guiding student business incubation and entrepreneurship activities
  • Identifying potential protectable intellectual property.

University based research has been conducted successfully at CUE and in the region for many years.  A new direction for research at universities has emerged where the goal is to mirror the needs of industry and the community, generating research outcomes with a practical application to solve real-world issues.

CUE is focused on effective basic and applied research that can be directly applied to the benefit of industry and the community.  The EICR provides a streamlined community friendly approach for applied research assistance, information access, project collaboration and student business incubation services.

For more information on the EICR, contact Dr. Patrick Kamau at eicr@concordia.ab.ca.

EICR Director's Statement

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