Centre for Innovation and Applied Research (formerly EICR)


EICR changes its name to CIAR

With strong interest from the CUE community for EICR assistance, additional clarity has been gained that has prompted the Executive committee of the former EICR to meet over several weeks in order to revisit the terms of reference, mandate, and name. In order to better reflect an institutional desire to foster faculty and student entrepreneurship, and to include a large range of partnerships and activities, the decision was made to change the name of the EICR and its terms of references.

We hope with the new designation we will send a clear message that the Centre for Innovation and Applied Research continues to be a resource for all CUE faculty and staff, and looks forward to assisting in the development of a culture of entrepreneurship within CUE and the community.




CIAR Terms of Reference

CIAR Elevator Speech

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