Academic Research Council

Academic Research Council

The Academic Research Council is convened by the Dean of Research and Faculty Development and includes, in addition to the Dean, four faculty members, one from each Division. When necessary, the Dean may invite other individuals as advisory members.  This Council is responsible for developing research policies and promoting research activities on campus.

Terms of Reference:

a) to review and make recommendations on policy and mechanisms for encouraging, supporting, and funding research. With sufficient external funding, consideration may be given to the establishment of a research chair and the development of a research publication.

b) to review and make recommendations for institutional arrangements (such as allocation and adequacy of equipment and facilities, secretarial and technical assistance, library collection policy, etc.) to support research at Concordia.

c) to enhance the intellectual life of Concordia as a liberal arts institution by encouraging the presentation and discussion of faculty research activities.

d) to review applications for Concordia research grants and reduction-in-teaching awards, and make recommendations to the Vice-President Academic and Provost through the Dean of Research and Faculty Development.

The Dean of Research and Faculty Development coordinates the evaluation of applications for research support. Evaluation of each application, establishment of the priority of applications, and recommendation of funding for each research application are the responsibility of the Academic Research Council. Details of the funding of all research projects are on file in the Office of Research and Faculty Development.

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